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Zwei Kraniche

Berlin Hermsdorf



11 December 2021

All of the artworks in our first exhibition are now for sale!

Until 11am on Saturday , 11 December 2021, you can suggest a price that you would like to pay for the desired artwork.

Please email us or place your offer in the Zwei Kraniche coffee shop. The current highest bid is displayed next to the artwork.



New project: Accidental Artists

Give your child a camera!

Children love to play - that's obvious. Why don't you give them your camera and let them play with it? You may be surprised with the result. You will see the world from their perspective and you may even find some masterpieces in the thousand of photos they will take. If you and your child would like to take part in this project, please contact us. Let them play and send us their best shots!


Accidental Artists

Start: Impressum
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